Our staff members are multilingual. Fluency in English, Tagalog and Spanish facilitate initial child and adult adjustment and foster continuing communication and understanding

San Jose Day Nursery is licensed by the California Department of Social Services (DSS) Community Care Licensing (CCL) to care for children ages six weeks to six years. CCL licensing requirements are extensive and regulate almost all areas of operation. Examples of areas regulated are:

  • Staff qualifications
  • Ratios of children to qualified adults
  • Extensive record keeping related to the health, safety, and personal rights of children and their families.

To meet licensing requirements, preschool teachers must complete a minimum of 12 units in Early Childhood Education. We are fortunate to have caring dedicated teachers that far exceed these requirements. Many of our staff have college degrees in child development or are enrolled in Child Development classes. Our staff participate in ongoing training to further their knowledge, skills, and professional development.

In addition to their educational background, many of our teachers have years of experience working with young children and their families. Key components of program quality are staff experience and stability. Unfortunately, extremely high staff turnover is the norm for most childcare centers. The quality of our program is based on the many staff members that have made long-term commitments to our program and the early childhood profession.

A variety of our staff are multilingual. Fluency in English, Tagalog and Spanish facilitate initial child and adult adjustment and foster continuing communication and understanding.

Our Team

Elena Jolly

Executive Director

Shannon Allard

Center Director

Rhysie Montano

Enrollment Specialist/Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors

The Nursery is fortunate to be lead by a socially concerned board. Our members’ bring a range of experiences, with qualifications in administrative, financial, facility, legal, and early childhood skills.

Carolyn Mervau


Sales Executive & Community Volunteer: Worked with SJDN for 8 years Business Affiliation: File Trail, Inc.

Alice Fenton

Recording Secretary |


Executive Consultant,  Author, Business Entrepreneur: Worked with SJDN for 17 years

Pat Calfee

Corresponding Secretary

Retired Teacher, Residential Property Manager: Worked with SJDN for 20 years

Jeff Sulenski


Retired Corporate Attorney: Worked with SJDN for 23 years Previous Affiliation: Pahl & McCay

Al Lampell

Family Facilitator: Worked with SJDN for 30 years Business Affiliation Conscious Communications

Mary Jo Coash

Architecture & Construction Consultant: Worked with SJDN for 6 years, Business Affiliation:  MJC Lee Consulting LLC Previously affiliated with City of San Jose – Redevelopment Agency

Roberta Moore

Broker Associate: Worked with SJDN for 4 years, Business Affiliation:  Alain Pinal Realtors

Suzanne Rice

Sales, Planning & Operations: Worked with SJDN for 5 years Business Affiliation: Apple, Inc. Past Affiliation: CISCO