Carol was a single mother of a six-month old baby girl when she came to us very worried about who would take care of her daughter when she made the decision to go back to work and school. The tuition subsidies that Carol received for her daughter enabled her to “finally get off welfare” (quote from Carol), get a job and support her family, and go back to school. Carol feels secure in the care her daughter receives at the Nursery and she feels grateful that “Staff are so loving”. Carol’s daughter has since graduated from the Infant to the Toddler Room, and has progressed and is now a happy Preschooler in our program. Carol is amazed at the progress her preschool daughter has made by being part of the Nursery environment; she has also recently enrolled her new baby in our infant program, who is also progressing happily in the loving and nurturing care of our infant staff team. We are proud of Carol, too, as she has recently graduated from a teacher credential program and now has a full-time teaching position that has enable her to increase her income and bring her family closer to self-sufficiency. Her family still is not to the level of complete self-sufficiency, but thanks to generous donations from our financial supporters, she is able to balance her child development costs with her costs of providing the necessities for her family!