David was initially attracted to the Nursery 3 years ago because it offered income based tuition that he could afford for his two children while he was working and going to school. He enrolled his children and became an active part of the Nursery’s thriving community of children
and families. When he was laid off from his company he was concerned that his children would have to leave the Nursery and miss out on the important early learning they were experiencing. Fortunately, the Nursery was able to provide him subsidized funding to keep his children
enrolled. When the State of California budget cuts resulted in the Nursery losing that subsidized funding he once again faced the inability to pay for quality early learning experiences for his children. Once again the Nursery stepped up and found alternative financial support so
his family could remain part of the Nursery community. He is extremely grateful to the staff at the Nursery for helping him find the necessary financial resources in his family’s time of need.