A sweet, cheerful, three year-old was enrolled in San Jose Day Nursery’s subsidized early learning program when she was 13 months old. Little “Chloe” has endured many changes in her young life. She was put into foster care when her mother was unable to raise her. She was unsuccessfully returned to her mother several times, and finally adopted by her foster parents. During this transition time in little “Chloe’s” life her foster parents kept her enrolled at the Nursery to provide her important stability in an already unstable life. Throughout all these changes, her foster parents, in partnership with the Nursery, provided her consistent love and support. Her foster mother, now parent, cannot say enough good things about the care she receives at the Nursery, “Children are encouraged to be respectful, independent and to have empathy for others. The Nursery teaches children in a non-aggressive way to be good at setting boundaries and how to express themselves.”